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Go Climate Positive, how Rosehill Travel became carbon neutral

Rosehill Travel Ltd is proudly carbon neutral and has been since early 2020, when we engaged Go Climate Positive to help us reduce our impact on the environment.

As a company that relies on cars, which consume petrol or diesel and cover many miles a year, we wanted to find out how we could offset the emissions and rest easier knowing that we were doing our bit for planet Earth.

Who or what is Go Climate Positive?

Go Climate Positive are environmental consultants, specialising in supporting companies to go carbon neutral, and net zero. They are based in The Cotswolds but help business owners who want to do better for the environment across the UK.

They say on their website, ‘Going carbon neutral is great. It means your business is no longer adding to global warming. But what if you could do more? What if you could actually save more carbon than you are creating? That is the way to accelerate our efforts to get to “net zero”, that is the way to do “more good, not just less bad” and that is what Go Climate Positive will help you do.’ Go Climate Positive

What did Rosehill Travel do to go carbon neutral?

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint every year by aspiring to reach these targets:

  • Reducing emissions from purchased fuel to 21% lower than 2020
  • Maintaining emissions from purchased electricity at current level
  • Reducing emissions from Purchased Goods & Services to 21% lower than 2020
  • Purchasing an electric vehicle
  • Increasing mpg through efficient route planning & car maintenance
  • Moving email hosting to renewable energy

In January we replaced one of our diesel vehicles when we purchased our first all-electric Mercedes, which makes enjoying the tranquillity of the country or lakeside tours even better!

Rosehill Travel's electric Mercedes EQV.

We also invest in offsetting projects, such as providing biogas as renewable energy for cooking in India.

Three men in India, working on a biogas digester to produce clean fuel for cooking

All the carbon offsetting projects we contribute to have the added benefits of making people’s lives healthier, helping to save money and are reducing deforestation. If you’d like to know more about what we do to help the environment, please give us a call on +44 (0)1452 595490. Or, if you’d like to learn more about Go Climate Positive and how they have helped us reduce our carbon footprint and achieve carbon neutral, visit their website: https://www.go-positive.co.uk/

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