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In and around The Cotswolds and The Lake District
Donnington brewery tour

Can I tour a traditional Cotswold brewery?

The tours here will teach you about the history of the brewery, the methods of brewing and include plenty of opportunities to sample the beer and cider...
Cortswold spring lambs, gathered around a tree stump in a field.

Why visit The Cotswolds in the spring?

The Cotswolds are an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), meaning they have been designated as an area for sensitive management to protect, conserve and enhance the land and it’s...
A collage of images including luxury hotels, cars and afternoon teas in the Cotswolds

What to expect from a bespoke Cotswolds holiday with Rosehill Travel

Enjoy visits to Lacock Abbey and Castle Combe along the way, but please be warned, there is no actual castle here, just the stunning abbey where Downton Abbey and Harry...
Sheep in a frosty field in the Cotswolds in winter

Things to do in the Cotswolds in the winter

We have our favourite tours such as The Cotswolds Distillery and Dunkertons, but we know them all! Tell us your tastes and we’ll find a tour to match.
A gentleman hiding an engagement ring behind his back, with his intended in the distance

8 Most romantic spots to propose in the Cotswolds

Bursting with natural beauty, we’re sure our chosen proposal destinations will capture your heart the way you have captured theirs...
Sulgrave Manor, George Washington's ancestral home in Banbury.

6 reasons Americans love visiting Britain

So just what is it that Americans love about visiting Britain? We’ve got 6 delights that await you, but we’re sure once you’ve visited Britain, you’ll be able to come...
The rolling hills and green fields of The Cotswolds

How did the Cotswolds get their name?

Whilst it’s widely known that the word ‘wold’ is from the old English ‘wald’, meaning forest or high ground – apt in that the Cotswolds are famous for gently rolling...
Lords of The Manor Hotel in the snow

Top 5 places to stay on New Year in the cotswolds

The cotswolds has much to offer the merry traveler, so we’ve selected our favourite five spots fir New Year to give you some inspiration.
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