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Frequently Asked Questions about The Cotswolds

Here are some questions that we commonly get asked and our answers. Whether you wnat to find out where the Cotswolds are or just have an interest in Cotswold Stone, it’s all here!

Where are the Cotswolds?

Two hours West of London and one hour South of Birmingham in the heart of England.

How do I get there?

By train: There are regular direct trains from London Paddington to 5 Cotswold stations. Click on these links for live departure and arrival information for Moreton in Marsh, Kemble, Kingham, Cheltenham, and Stroud.

By car: The Cotswolds is ringed by the M5, M40 and M4 motorways, giving easy car access to the area. Use Google maps to get detailed instructions from your start point.

By bus: Cheltenham is a hub for National Express coach services. Local bus services within the area do exist, but are infrequent. Please refer to the Cotswolds information website here.

Flights: International flights via the UK’s hub airports, London Heathrow and London Gatwick arrive daily. From Heathrow add two hours by car and Gatwick add two and a half hours to reach your destination. Birmingham International Airport, the most local airport serving the Cotswolds is approximately one hour’s drive from the centre of the Cotswolds and has frequent national, European and North American flights.

What is the easiest way to get around the Cotswolds?

As the Cotswolds is mostly countryside, finding your way through twisty lanes, up hill and down valley can be difficult. Buses between the towns and villages are not often available, so we recommend the minimum of a car and trusted GPS navigation system or even better, our own Rosehill Travel driver/guides.

How about the local transport within the Cotswolds?

Although it is possible to get from one town to another in the Cotswolds by local bus. The services are infrequent between many of the towns and villages and services do not run every day of the week. Please refer to Goucestershire Council website for all Cotswold bus timetables. For this reason we recommend visitors to the Cotswolds have their own transport, use taxis, or make use of Rosehill Travel’s driver/guides.

Where is the nearest airport to the Cotswolds?

Bristol airport is the closest airport (45 minutes from the Cotswolds), serving national and European flights. Birmingham airport is the closest international airport, (although services are not daily) serving international flights incl Japan. Heathrow airport is the busiest and most commonly used arrival point for the Cotswolds.

Why are the Cotswolds famous?

In the Middle Ages, trade from sheeps wool made the Cotswolds very prosperous. Some of this money was put into the building of churches so the area has a number of large, handsome Cotswold stone churches. The area remains affluent and has attracted wealthy people who own second homes in the area or have chosen to retire to the Cotswolds.

Is there anything for the kids?

Absolutely, there are plenty of places to go that the whole family will enjoy.

What is Cotswold Stone?

Cotswold stone is the Oolitic Limestone that is abundant in the Cotswold Hills. Traditionally buildings were built using the Limestone, mined from the local quarries. The stone differs in colour according to location, but it is famously ‘honey’, or ‘golden’ coloured.