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6 reasons Americans love visiting Britain

Britain has a lot to offer the enthusiastic American tourist, from varied culture to rich history and modern architecture, you can find it all in England. In fact, over 4.4 million Americans visited England in 2019 and the numbers are beginning to once again grow, now the world is regaining confidence in travel. (Statista).

So just what is it that Americans love about visiting Britain? We’ve got 6 delights that await you, but we’re sure once you’ve visited Britain, you’ll be able to come up with many more…

1.The Royal Family

Whilst famously separated from the monarchy on July 4th 1776, many Americans are still interested and intrigued by the modern Royal Family. With long-standing traditions and the world’s second longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace, London is one of the most favoured tourist attractions. Whilst many other palaces and castles dot the country, many of which are open to the public, Americans love to marvel at our royal history.

2. English History

The formation of the United States shares historical roots in the United Kingdom. There is the government that ruled over the American Colonies, shared World Wars and of course some Americans can trace their ancestry back to parts of the UK. Shared town and city names often bring amusement, whilst remains of Roman occupation bring fascination.

3. Pop Music

From ancient history to modern music, Americans visiting Britain often want to see famous landmarks like Abbey Road and the Cavern Club, made famous by the Beatles, Carnaby in London where Freddie Mercury’s birthday is celebrated in September every year, and tour the old stomping grounds of the likes of David Bowie, the Rolling Stones and Elton John.

4. The accents

One of the nice things about travelling to a country where you share the same language is hearing the different accents and phrases. Where there are slight differences between American and English languages, discussing those differences teaches tourists something you can take home with you. For example, biscuits…

5. The pubs

Public houses, or pubs are so-called because it was where people could gather in a homely atmosphere, away from their ‘private house’. This is where you will find an array of characters depending on the style of pub – sports bars, Irish pubs and English village inns are abound, most of which serve locally sourced ales, wines, spirits and food, as well as the internationally known likes of Guinness and Glenfiddich scotch.

6. American things…

Plymouth Harbour is where the Mayflower famously set off from, taking the first pilgrims to America. It’s often a popular spot for American tourists in Britain, so they can say they’ve seen the beginning of that arduous and momentous journey. There’s also a museum telling the story, here.

Olympic Park in London is host to the 9/11 Memorial. A tower of bent and twisted steel girders is a stirring and touching tribute to those who lost their lives and those who ran toward danger for the sake of others on that fateful day.

Benjamin Franklin’s House in central London is the only remaining Franklin home in the world, and is such one of the most important American landmarks in England.

London Bridge – or is it..? The original 19th century London Bridge was reportedly sold to an American Oil magnate in the 60’s when its structure was proving too weak to support the modern volumes of traffic. American visitors to Britain love to see their ‘twin’ bridge.

Sulgrave Manor in Northamptonshire was built by ancestors of George Washington and saved from ruin by both US and UK donors. It is the original home of the ‘Special Relationship’ and is ‘a legacy that unites nations’. Sulgrave Manor Trust

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