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12 of the Most Unforgettable Cotswold Views

The Cotswolds are an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), so it certainly makes sense to seek out the most unforgettable Cotswold views during your visit. From stunning vantage points offering sprawling vistas of the countryside to traditional villages boasting beautiful architecture and charming design, these are some of the best views you can enjoy in the Cotswolds.

Of course, to truly enjoy the best views and experiences, you’d best be served by a local expert who can guide you round to the lesser-known spots. Our iconic week-long holiday package in the Cotswolds whisks you away from bustling London to escape to the country and live the life of luxury. Bask in the beauty and step back into the charms of village life with Rosehill Travel. We would be delighted to help you discover the Cotswolds.

Until you can join us, start dreaming of your visit with these beautiful Cotswold views…

Enjoy Incredible Cotswolds Vistas from On High

To enjoy sprawling vistas of the bucolic Cotswolds, there are a few places you can go to get to higher vantage points. These vantage points will help you see why the Cotswolds are so beloved by locals and visitors alike. 

Rolling hills and seemingly endless farmland offer a patchwork display across the valleys. Historic towers and mansions, church bell towers and cathedrals stand tall over the charming cottages and traditional village centres. These viewpoints are sure to impress.

Dover’s Hill

Dover’s Hill boasts a natural amphitheatre that was home to the original Olympic Games in England. Standing at 230 metres above sea level, you can bask in the beautiful Cotswold views at your feet whilst enjoying the history of this National Trust-managed site.

Cleeve Hill

As the highest point in the Cotswolds, Cleeve Hill boasts sweeping views of the River Severn, Cheltenham, Winchcombe, and more of west Gloucestershire. You can also enjoy a cold pint at the pub on the hill, perfect for a sunny summer afternoon.

Broadway Tower

Broadway Tower view

From Broadway Tower, you could potentially see 13 counties. Sitting over 300 metres above sea level, Broadway Tower sits amidst the iconic fields of the Cotswold countryside. You can also rest and enjoy a cuppa at the nearby cafe. 
We love to visit Broadway Tower on our Short Break in the Cotswolds Tour.

Rodborough Common

This grassy hilltop offers extensive views of the Cotswolds countryside, including the town of Stroud and the valleys of Frome and Nailsworth. The privately-owned Rodborough Fort is also atop the hill.

Crickley Hill

Crickley Hill offers sprawling vistas over the Cotswolds and well beyond. You can even see as far as the Brecon Beacons of Wales on a clear day. Run by the National Trust, this is a lovely spot for a picnic or a family day out.

Coaley Peak

If you’re driving along the B-road near Woodchester Park, do stop in at Coaley Peak for a lovely view of the surrounding countryside from on high. Perfect for a quick stop to stretch your legs during a day of exploring the Cotswolds.

Iconic Cotswold Village Views

If you’re seeking that iconic view of Cotswold villages and architecture, there are several places you should visit. For their honey-hued traditional stone buildings and their historic significance, many villages in the Cotswolds seem to have paused in time. 

Soaked in tradition and surrounded by natural beauty, these places provide visitors with a rare glimpse into the past still thriving in the present.


The village of Chedworth and its surrounds are the epitome of Cotswold views that you’ve been dreaming of seeing. Rolling country hills surround this historic village filled with traditional stone houses and cottages. The village is spread along the valley, rather than centred around a central high street. It makes for lovely views whether up-close or from a distance.

Bibury Village

Arlington Row Bibury

Perhaps one of England’s most popular row of homes to be photographed, Arlington Row is in Bibury village and boasts that iconic view of traditional stone structures with thatched roofs. Bibury is a lovely place to visit during your Cotswolds holiday. We visit this beautiful village during our North & South Cotswolds Luxury Tour.

Lower Slaughter

The Old Mill in Lower Slaughter is another popular building to photograph in the Cotswolds. Dating back to the 14th century and sitting picturesquely alongside the (rather small) River Eye of Gloucestershire, the Old Mill does harken back to bygone eras.


Bourton on the Water

A visit to Bourton-on-the-Water to photograph its iconic bridges is a common request for a visit to the Cotswolds. Known as the Venice of the Cotswolds, this village is indeed beautiful to visit and offers a glimpse into life in a quiet market town. It is quite the tourist attraction these days, however, so we do recommend avoiding peak times to better enjoy the quiet and serenity of the village without the crowds.

Castle Combe

Located near Chippenham, Castle Combe is a picturesque Cotswold village with over 100 listed buildings and a traditional market town layout. The market cross and old village pumps remain, whilst the Manor House Hotel and grounds offer a beautiful backdrop for a short walk.

If you’re interested in staying at the Manor House Hotel, we do recommend it for guests joining our South Cotswolds Luxury Tour.

Plus: Beautiful Fields of Flowers in the Cotswolds

You should also stop into the poppy fields and lavender fields for a stunning, vibrant foreground to an otherwise more verdant scene. Hues of bright orange and red or rows of purple lavender fill the fields in the month of July, offering ample opportunity for lovely photographs. Of course, you can simply admire the scenery and appreciate its beauty without needing to bring out the tripod, too. 
There are multiple such fields dotted throughout the Cotswolds and we’re quite happy to take you to the best location during our North Cotswolds Luxury Tour.

Are you ready to explore the Cotswolds for unforgettable views? We would love to show you the stunning scenery, highlight the interesting history, and share a memorable experience in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Feel free to contact us with any queries about these or other places you would like to visit in the Cotswolds.

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