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Dream English Staycation — Escape from the City to the Cotswolds

Rosehill Travel offers luxury, VIP tours in the Cotswolds and our One Day in South Cotswolds Tour is the perfect way to give yourself the incredible English countryside experience you deserve. The southern area of the Cotswolds is more rugged than the north, and our tour explores the roads less travelled, bringing you to the hidden gems and ancient towns that define this incredible place.

A Cotswolds Tour is the Perfect Antidote to the 2020 Blues

Whether it’s your busy job or months of being stuck at home during the lockdown, 2020 has been more than a little stressful. This is exactly why getting out into England’s beautiful green spaces should be at the top of your to-do list. And what green space could be better than the Cotswolds? This area of outstanding natural beauty spans 25 miles across and is 90 miles long; it is a treasure trove of nature and rural English culture packed with stunning sights that will satisfy your need to get out into the countryside and create incredible memories.

Why Take a VIP Tour of the Cotswolds?

Feel like royalty as you’re escorted around the idyllic Cotswolds by your private driver

Any kind of staycation in the Cotswolds will be unforgettable; it’s just such a special place that it’s impossible to have a bad time. However, Rosehill Travel offers the true VIP experience and we think it’s the best way to explore this special part of the UK. Let us paint a picture for you…

Imagine cruising through the winding country roads in a luxury car with your own charming driver who doubles as an experienced, extremely knowledgeable tour guide. Take in the unparalleled natural beauty en route to stately manors, castles, charming country villages, and idyllic English Abbeys. Have every need met by your driver, experiencing what it’s like to be a royal for a day. This is the true English VIP experience and it’s the perfect way to spoil yourself! If you have any doubt about the quality of our South Cotswolds Tour, check out our 5-star reviews…

And if you want to make the experience even better, there are some optional extras, such as a luxurious champagne picnic and the option of booking a professional photographer to give you the most incredible visual memories of the Cotswolds to take home with you.

Keeping You Safe in the Cotswolds

Another great reason to tour the Cotswolds with Rosehill Travel is that we have gone to great lengths to keep you safe by deep cleaning our vehicles in between each tour. We can also ensure the perfect amount of privacy and distance from the crowds, finding all of the best spots while avoiding the busy spots. While we all like delving into the hustle and bustle of places like Burton on the Water in the Cotswolds on a packed summer’s day, most travellers this year prefer the safety of a private tour. And it doesn’t get much better or more private than this!

There will be a time for crowds as people hunger for social contact, for nights out with friends, and memorable trips with their families in the Cotswolds. But it’s safer right now to go off the beaten track and that’s exactly what our South Cotswolds Tour offers. The Cotswolds is the second biggest Area of Outstanding Beauty in England— second only to the Lake District, so there is an almost limitless range of tranquil places to explore that give you the quintessential Cotswolds experience while keeping you away from the crowds.   

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