Here at Rosehill Travel we know that many people like to have a little bit more practical information about the places they are visiting. With this in mind we have put together a section of information all about the UK, travelling here and the kind of accommodation that we like to use for our clients.


Find out a bit more about the Hotels that we have partnered with here at Rosehill Travel. We select only the best because we know where you stay is as important as what you see.

Travel Tips

You may well be a hardened traveller and know all you need to about the UK but just in case you don’t we have put together some useful information for you. From the expected weather (it doesn’t always rain) to when to tip, you’ll find useful snippets in this section.

Cotswolds FAQ

Are you thirsty for knowledge and want to know a bit about the Cotswolds before you come here? Well read on and find out the best way of getting there and lots more…