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Snowshill Lavender farm
A few weeks ago, I wrote about whether the Cotswolds is the most beautiful region in the UK, so we thought we’d follow it up with a more practical travel guide, offering readers activities and attractions to see and do in the Cotswolds. This beautiful area is packed with majestic hills, gentle rivers, idyllic villages,...
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Spring in the Cotswolds
The quick answer to this question is yes… But we admit that everyone at Rosehill Travel is more than a little biased. After all, there’s a reason why we based our tour company around offering luxury tours in the Cotswolds. Given the subjectivity of beauty, the only accurate statement we could make about whether the...
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Arriving in the Cotswolds by car
This is an often asked question. Read on to find out how best to travel here. By train The North Cotswolds First time visitors are most likely to come to the north Cotswolds, and if  that is the case you have a few options depending on what part of the Cotswolds you’re visiting. Direct trains...
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Luxury Cotswold tours and holidays
The Cotswolds is a truly special place in Britain, but what and where is it exactly? Well, it’s two hours west of London, a stones throw West of Oxford, just north of Bath, and south of Stratford upon Avon.  In recognition of it’s rich, diverse landscape it was designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty...
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