St Mary's Churchyard, Painswick

Painswick, Queen of the Cotswolds

We’ve just had our sofa upholstered and it looks fabulous. (Bought on ebay for £10, fabric cost around £300, as did the work itself). Looks new. So much better than anything you get from DFS etc.

Anyway, we got the fabric from a shop in Painswick. Painswick Fabrics. Great place, and really helpful with advice if you need. Because it’s such an interesting town we walked about for a few hours and stopped for coffee at The Patchwork Mouse.

Painswick is between Cheltenham and Stroud, on the A46. See the location on a Google map here.  It’s built on the side of the valley with much of the town sloping steeply downwards. The centre and main road is perched up high getting a splendid view across the valley to the South East as you drive you in from Cheltenham. The town landmark is St Mary’s Church, a tall tower and spire and then you see the church yard and 99 Yew Trees sculptered in to great big mushroom shapes. Its another photographers/artists heaven (where isnt round here). Lots of interesting history I will leave you to discover, but look for the English civil war shrapnel marks in the tower wall and the pyramid tomb in the grave yard. There are some interesting shops and galleries including a wood turner, vintage and antiques. About half a mile from the centre is the Rococo Garden, a restored early 17th century ‘Pleasure Garden’ open mid January to end of October. Its pretty famous in these parts, carefully restored since the mid eighties. Not open the day we were in town but I’ve been a couple of times and its well worth a visit.

Plenty of good walking in these parts. Highly recommend Walk 24 from ’50 Walks in the Cotswolds’ published by the AA, which takes you on a circuit around the countryside above and through the town.

Check TripAdvisor for accommodation, but some excellent b&bs in town. Great choice for food aswell. Love the coffee!